Film Director & Creative Director
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Ronan Gali is a commercials director and creative director from Paris — France
Freelance and shooting worldwide —

Film Director / Creative Director

Paris-based, shooting worldwide.

BFFF — Berlin Fashion Film Festival (Berlin) - Best Cinematography - Best Music - Best Personal Work
LJFFF — La Jolla Fashion Film Festival (California) - Best Director - Best Art Direction - Best Cinematography - Best SFX
MIAFFF — Miami Fashion Film Festival (California)
IFFFB — International Fashion Film Festival Brussels (Belgium)
ASFF — Aesthetica Short Film Festival (London)
PAMA — Paris Art and Movie Awards (Paris)
FFFI — Fashion Film Fest Istanbul (Istanbul)
Golden Knight Malta — International Short Film Festival (Malta)
The 9th Annual TASTE AWARDS — Fashion Film Festival (Los Angeles)
GSF — Global Short Film Awards (Cannes)